Tomato Garden 

Who can resist the flavours of homemade sauces and salsas? Our Tomato Garden gourmet pasta sauces and salsas are organic and locally made in Burnaby, B.C.


Made with love in Burnaby, B.C. - our 6 unique Tomato Garden pasta sauces make a great addition to a variety of meals. Our homestyle gourmet pasta sauces are made with fresh, organic tomatoes and organic olive oil and are Kosher check certified. Tomato Garden pasta sauce features:

  • 100% vegan
  • A range of 6 tasty flavours
  • Heat & serve - it's that simple. Great for quick, but delicious meals.

Organic garden vegetable pasta sauce

Organic hemp pasta sauce

Organic Italian herb pasta sauce

Organic mushroom pasta sauce

Organic roasted garlic pasta sauce

Organic tomato basil pasta sauce



Keep it simple, that's our motto when it comes to Tomato Garden gourmet salsas. Handmade in Burnaby, B.C. these 6 mouthwatering flavours are made with simple and organic ingredients. These salsas are all vegan and Kosher certified, so serve them up with chips and in a soup or a chili.  

Organic black bean & corn salsa

Organic hemp salsa

Organic roasted garlic salsa

Mild organic salsa

Organic medium salsa

Organic hot salsa