100% pure essential oils (organic & non organic)

Our oils are some of the highest quality, and most affordable, essential oils on the market. Our oils come as both organic and non-organic varieties. Below are just a few of the many 100% pure essential oils that we carry.

  • Use to add scent to your laundry detergent, counter cleaner, etc
  • Essential oils are believed to have therapeutic properties
  • Suitable for use in creating home beauty treatments
  • Great for creating all natural perfumes

Cedarwood oil

Chamomile Oil

Cinnamon leaf oil

Citronella oil

Clove bud oil

Grapefruit oil

Lavender high alps oil

Peppermint oil

Lemon oil

Rosehip oil

Organic tea tree oil

Sandalwood fragrance oil

Patchouli oil 

Organic lavender oil

Jasmine fragrance oil

Geranium oil

100% pure Carrier oils (organic & non organic)

Our 100% essential oil is highly concentrated. These carrier oils are the perfect way to dilute your new essential oils before use in projects such as massage oil or homemade beauty treatments. From avocado oil to macadamia oil and all that's in between, we have a carrier oil for body care of any kind.  

Expeller pressed apricot kernel oil

Avocado oil

Castor oil

Grape seed oil

Jojoba oil

Organic macadamia oil

Organic sesame oil

Organic sweet almond oil