New World Foods  

Organic & natural breakfast foods

New World Foods is made in our HACCP verified facility, right here in Burnaby B.C. We use only all natural, whole ingredients. You won't find a single artificial colour, flavour, preservative or flavour in a single one of our products! We believe that if you make a product with quality ingredients, you end up with quality taste. To see our full range of products, visit

  • 100% Canadian owned and operated
  • Affordable organic
  • A huge product range of nut butters and granola

Bliss Balls

Live Bars

Almond Butter (organic & all natural)

Peanut Butter (organic & all-natural)

Specialty seed & nut butters (organic & all natural)

Organic granola & muesli

Organic home baked cookies (normal & gluten-free)