looking to become a jiva organics supplier?

Please read this section in it's entirety before filling out the Supplier Application Form.


STep 1

Fill out each of the sections of our Become a Supplier form.

Step 2

After you have submitted the form we will contact you. If the product sounds like something our custoners would like, we will ask you to send one unit of each proposed SKU (in Canadian packaging) to:

7442 Fraser Park Drive
Burnaby, B.C., Canada, 
V5J 5B9

If your Canadian packaging isn't ready yet, please send us proofs or images. Include the Canadian UPC code, if possible. If there are any issues around this step, feel free to email us.

Step 3

Once we have received both the form and your product, our Procurement Team will meet to discuss if it is a good fit. If we decide to onboard your product, we will send you a New Brand Listing Form and a Jiva Organics Policy and Guidelines guide.

Step 4

After these have been filled out and returned to us, we will start with the process of launching the new product. Normally, new products are launched within 4-6 weeks of the final review. We work hard to sell your product, but we recommend that you consider hiring a broker or brand management company to promote your product as effectively as possible.